Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I haven’t posted in a while but we are still here! RJ will be turning two on Friday and I’ve been busy with all the preparations for his upcoming birthday party. We are blessed with a large family and many great friends so our kids’ birthday parties turn into large celebrations with a full house. For the last week, my evenings have been full with party planning details. CC and RJ are excited about the birthday party and have enjoyed shopping for goodies and candy to fill the piñata. Tonight, we enjoyed trying on party hats!Our daily routine has continued… The kids are all doing well in the classroom. CC seems to be ready for more challenging work so I am looking forward to introducing her to a few materials that I have recently ordered. RJ still eagerly begins work in the classroom but needs encouragement when he is easily distracted. A positive note is that RJ is starting to recognize some letters/sounds. I haven’t formally presented him with any letters but he must be absorbing while quietly watching CC work on sounds. He is starting to recognize the letters “m”, “r” and “f”.

This is Enzo’s fourth week with us, and as expected he is fitting right in. He looks forward to our class time and aside from easily being distracted (must be a boy thing) he has adjusted well to our classroom and home environment.

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