Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother’s Day Crafts

In preparation for Mother’s Day, we worked on mother’s day crafts today. With help, the kids made Pop-Up Flower Garden Cards. Detailed instructions can be found HERE. I prepared the cards and cut out the flowers and the kids glued everything together. CC worked on a card for Grandma and Nana, and Enzo worked on a card for his mom. RJ started working on a card for Abuela but I had to finish it because he lost interest about half way through.
We also made some simple tissue paper flowers, I found the idea on this website. CC and Enzo each worked on three flowers. They initially had a difficult time twisting the stems but eventually got the hang of it. RJ tried making one flower but quickly lost interest and decided he would watch instead.
The kids were very proud of the final product=)

Hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day!

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