Monday, May 4, 2009

El Día de Los Niños/El Día de los Libros

El Día de Los Niños (Children’s Day)/El Día de los Libros (Book Day), a day that celebrates literacy in children, was on Thursday, April 30th. Since I didn’t write it down on my calendar, I completely forgot about this day until this post reminded me about this great children’s holiday. I didn’t want to lose an opportunity to celebrate a special day with the kids (and since they wouldn’t know the difference), I decided to celebrate a day late.

When CC and RJ woke up I told them that Friday was a special day and that it was going to be a day full of fun and celebration of children and books. And when Enzo joined us, we informed him about our fun day planed. Just knowing that Friday was a special day put the kids in an extra good mood.

Generally, we don’t have class time on Fridays, we take the morning off from “school work” and spend time at the library instead… Our usual Friday activity was a perfect way to kick off Children’s/Book day. The kids enjoyed the “Fire Engines” themed story time and craft that was planed for that day.

I also took advantage of the kids’ joyful mood to suggest that we borrow Spanish books from the library that day. The kids happily followed me away from this brightly decorated, children’s section of the library
to this very isolated corner of the library where the Spanish children’s books are found.
The two partially filled shelves of books with the red labels makes up the entire Spanish books collection found at our local library. A little sad for a mom that is trying to encourage her children to borrow more Spanish books during our weekly library visits. Anyhow, the kids each managed to find a book to take home. CC chose El Libro Magico de Lupe, a fun pull the tab book, RJ chose a favorite Tomás y Sus Amigos, and Enzo found the one misplaced English book on the shelves, an Elmo book about Firefighters. Not in Spanish, but at least it followed the theme of story time.

After the library, I took the kids to a different playground than the one we usually visit. The kids had a great time exploring the different, larger playground, and I enjoyed taking many pictures. Those interested can view more pictures HERE.

After the playground, our children’s/book day celebration continued with baking tasty cookies, reading the library books, riding battery operated vehicles outside, and barbecuing for dinner. I would have more pictures but all the picture taking at the playground drained the battery on my camera and I wasn’t able to take pictures of the rest of our busy day.

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