Monday, July 13, 2009

Hammering Activity

Our new Just Hammer Away! Shape Set was popular today. The corkboard is a little flimsy so I taped it onto a tray for sturdiness. I made the sample cards to give the kids ideas on what can be made with the different wood shapes available, and also reminded them that there are many other possibilities. CC and Enzo both enjoyed the hammering. They initially had a difficult time removing the nails (actually pushpins), but they quickly learned to press the wood piece against another piece to push the nail out enough and allow them to pull the rest of the nail out.

Below is Carissa making a flower and Enzo making a smiley face.

RJ also tried the activity today. He didn’t follow any of the sample cards, instead nailed random pieces throughout the corkboard. When it was time to put the activity away he quickly got discouraged when he couldn’t remove the nails.


  1. What a fun activity. I think it's great that you give the kids examples to follow.

  2. I wish you would update your blog!! I love the activities!!