Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Introduction - My First Post

I’m fairly new to this blog world and have recently spent many nights perusing homeschooling blogs. I enjoy reading about other moms that are going through similar Montessori experiences. The blogs I follow have inspired me and given me many ideas that I have implemented in my own home. Through this blog I plan to journal my personal experiences and hope that someday it becomes a place for other homeschoolers to reference as well. This blog will also be a place where my husband (and any interested family and friends) can catch a glimpse of what the kids and I do at home.

I recently officially started home pre-schooling my 3 year old daughter Carissa (to be known as “CC” on this blog) and my 22 month old son “RJ”. When CC turned 3, we started looking into half-day preschool programs. I researched different preschool options including Montessori, Tiny Tots and Mommy & Me classes. After CC and I spend time visiting different “schools”, we found that the best fit for CC, and the only place where we felt comfortable leaving our first born alone at, was a local Montessori school. However, we are a single-income family and the cost was not in our budget. We could have probably managed the tuition for one child but we realized that we would soon be paying double tuition. So we had to find an alternative…

After giving it a lot of thought and many hours of online research I came to the conclusion that “I can do it at home”! Our family has been blessed with the opportunity of having me be a stay-at-home mom (thanks to my amazing husband=), and my main “job” is to care for and raise my children so I know that I can find a way. After all, where else would our children be exposed to everything our family values? Thankfully, there are several books on the subject and countless wonderful (and free) resources on the internet.

My goal is to offer my children bilingual Spanish/English education, teach them prayer/religion, and help them reach their full potential in all areas of life; all of this in a Montessori inspired environment, AND on a budget. I let my children guide me and learn with them as well as from them. This blog will help me document our adventures in homeschooling. I am excited to discover where this journey takes us.

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